Ideas in Passing
from Joan Chittister
Joan Chittister's newest book
Between the Dark and the Daylight

vailable February 28
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How to do nonviolent resistance
Nonviolent resistance, derived from Mahatma
Gandhi and modeled in this country by
Martin Luther King, Jr.’s civil-rights
movement of the sixties, rests on six clear
concepts, none of them cowardly, insipid or
weak. They are, rather, a demonstration of
the kind of strength no amount of violence
can extinguish.

First, nonviolent resistance is pacifism, not
passivism. The difference between armed
resistance and nonviolent resistance lies
simply in the means by which the resistance
is waged. Both types of resistance rest on
the conviction that evil must be challenged,
but nonviolent resistance insists that evil
must not be repeated in the effort to defeat
it. The strength of nonviolent resistance lies
in its determination to do no harm to the
other in the course of resisting harm.
Gandhi wrote.
In words as wise as they are
inspiring, Between the Dark and the
Daylight explores the concerns of
modern life, of the overworked mind
and hurting heart.

These are the paradoxical—and
often frustrating—moments when
our lives feel at odds with everything
around us. Only by embracing the
contradictions, Chittister contends,
may we live well amid stress,
withstand emotional storms, and
satisfy our yearnings for something
transcendent and real.
Joan Chittister is an
outspoken advocate of
justice, peace and equality
- especially for women all
over the world, and has
been one of America’s
visionary spiritual voices for
more than thirty years.
MORE about Joan Chittister
By delving into the chaos, this book guides us through the
questions that seemed easier to avoid and enlightens what has
been out of focus. With simple and poignant meditations, Between
the Dark and the Daylight reveals how we can better understand
ourselves, one another, and God.

Read an interview with Joan and pre-order at special price here.
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40 Soul-Stretching Questions
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“I invite you to begin a spiritual
journal that honestly faces the
person in the mirror, invites
new insights into who you are,
gives new meaning to your
daily life, and brings new life
where old ideas have been.”

— Joan Chittister, from the
Sister Joan explains that she began to keep a spiritual journal—a
kind of dialogue with the ideas of other writers—to chart her way
into a deeper relationship with God, one truer to the demands of
the world around it. For 40 days you can write your own spiritual
broodings alongside Sister Joan’s and other seekers who have
dealt with the same kinds of soul-stretching questions, doubts
and hopes that you have. It’s an opportunity to participate in a
rare conversation built on the belief that you are—each of you
and all of you—the real subject matter of the spiritual life.
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